The “White City” – Ostuni (BR)

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The town of Ostuni (about 33.000 people) is located on the foothills of the southern Murgia. Its old town, called Earth, is unmistakable the blinding monochrome coloring of his village, strictly white. The houses painted with lime and the peculiar topography have earned epithets fairytale, as the White City, Queen of Olives, City Crib, The core old – likely support the acropolis messapica – is in fact climbed the steep slopes of a hill and has an ellipsoidal plan, clearly expressed by walls reinforced by towers Aragon. They remain eight of the fifteen original, as well as good parts of the ramparts that closed […]

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Cisternino (BR)


High on a terrace of limestone Murgia Southeast, lapped by the breezes from the nearby Adriatic and immersed in the green countryside, Cisternino its 393 meters above sea level overlooking the Valle d'Itria, an area made unique by the many trulli. The quaint old town comes with whitewashed houses, alleys dotted with geraniums, arches, small lodges, stone friezes and ladders. The village, already inhabited in the Neolithic period, has seen a succession of Norman-Swabian dominations, Aragonese and Bourbons. The ancient city walls can still be found here and there, together with the two cylindrical towers Angevin, una annessa al Palazzo […]

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Indiana Park – Castellana Grotte (BA)

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Park means: tranquility and nature adventure sports and exercise and strong emotions And more: SAFETY AND’ TODAY TOTAL!!! Children on paths and trails Green, the lifeline continues to allow all users to enjoy a wonderful adventure in complete safety, thanks to the innovative LIFELINE CONTINUE. A patented system that allows the user to carry out all the way without having to open and operate the carabiners, but remaining attached to the cable from the beginning to the end of the path. A major innovation and greater peace of mind for you and your kids.

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